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New power for Markers in 2012

Markers is on the App Store for about 5 months now and we were pretty astonished how great the demand for Markers was. We needed a new team member to get all the work done and to add features some of you requested.

We are proud to announce that we found a great developer (respectively he found us), who we think is the right person to join our team. His name is Artur Gasparyan and he is developing apps for iOS “since day 1″. You may know some of his apps, especially German visitors of Cineplex cinemas, who use his app to check out the latest movies. He will help us to get Markers to an even higher level in user-friendliness, quality as well as extension of features and to add interface improvements and new features to Markers as fast and good as possible. Our philosophy at Splodge enforces us to provide high quality apps and to set great worth in every detail of an app. Artur thinks the same way, so we think he’s perfect to improve our products even more, because it is known that 6 eyes are better than 4. ;)

We are really looking forward to the co-operation with Artur and we know that Markers will reach the next step with his support.

Artur, welcome at Splodge!

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