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New power for Markers in 2012
January 9th, 2012

Markers is on the App Store for about 5 months now and we were pretty astonished how great the demand for Markers was. We needed a new team member to get all the work done and to add features some of you requested.

We are proud to announce that we found a great developer (respectively he found us), who we think is the right person to join our team. His name is Artur Gasparyan and he is developing apps for iOS “since day 1″. You may know some of his apps, especially German visitors of Cineplex cinemas, who use his app to check out the latest movies. He will help us to get Markers to an even higher level in user-friendliness, quality as well as extension of features and to add interface improvements and new features to Markers as fast and good as possible. Our philosophy at Splodge enforces us to provide high quality apps and to set great worth in every detail of an app. Artur thinks the same way, so we think he’s perfect to improve our products even more, because it is known that 6 eyes are better than 4. ;)

We are really looking forward to the co-operation with Artur and we know that Markers will reach the next step with his support.

Artur, welcome at Splodge!

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We really need you. Join our team!
September 28th, 2011

Hey guys,

this blog post is directed towards anyone, who is a talented iOS Developer and interested in making Markers to one of the best apps on the App Store. Wow, isn’t that a direct message? ;)

Let’s dive deeper into this.

We receive a lot of mails from people, who either bought our app on the App Store or who want to buy our app, if there are some more features they want to have at all costs.

But, as you may know, currently it is only two of us working on the project – one iOS-developer and one designer. This means: we need more people in order to add the requested features to Markers and to make Markers an even better app. The current version is 1.0 with only some of the planned (possible) features and there’s so much more waiting in the pipeline!

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Markers is on the App Store!
August 31st, 2011

You may have noticed that Markers is on the App Store for almost 2 weeks now. We were on vacation when Apple approved Markers and the review status changed to “Ready for Sale”. After Markers got live on the App Store (we’ve been to Florence at that time by the way), we were stunned how high Markers reached the Top Charts in the USA, Germany and a few more stores. It’s amazing how many people like our app. Moreover, you provided us with a lot of feedback and even feature requests, which is very good!

Many of the suggestions have also been to our mind before we released Markers. We decided to concentrate on the main features in the first release of Markers and then we’ll start to add more and more features to it. Always keep in mind that we’re constantly working on it and we two of Splodge also want Markers to be much improved. PDF-support (and more) is what’s needed, but is not available in the very first version. Don’t worry, there will be some great updates in future!

In the end, we can tell you that Markers respectively Splodge already won an award, after only 13 days! AG, a german platform for smartphones, apps and so on, decided to add Markers to their category of “Cool Apps” and we are now an official “Cool Apps-Developer” according to them. You’ll find us on their website here:

So again: We’re extremely happy how much people like Markers and how much feedback we got. Let’s hope for a great future for it!

Download Markers from the App Store:

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Markers: Feature Presentation #1 – Highlighting
August 2nd, 2011

It’s good to know some details about a product you’re going to buy. For that reason we’d like to tell you something about our upcoming app Markers.

At first, let’s talk a little about the easy to use feature “Highlighting”!

As you may know, Markers is an app which is designed to get rid of positioning grab points when you highlight something. With the build in highlighting function of iOS, you waste so much time by holding your finger on the text and having to search for the beginning and the end of your marking. Don’t forget to press the button “Highlight”, because if you do forget or miss it, you have to do the same annoying thing again. Markers let’s you highlight your passages with one slide of your finger, it’s so much easier and there’s nothing more to do. You will see.
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Today Is A Big Day For Us
July 26th, 2011

Hey guys!

It’s a pleasure to say hello to you in this first blog post. As you may know, our website was offline for quite a while respectively never online. We just had this landing page with our logo, the slogan “Apps for iPad and iPhone. Stay tuned.” and there it was for over a year now. Awkward. Sincere thanks are given to all who believed in us, so that one day, Splodge will release its first app as promised.

The title of this post says: “Today is a big day for us”. This is no exaggeration, because today so many things got live: our blog, our website, the icon of our app and even the detailed description, what the app is all about. No one, not our friends or even our family came to know what we’ve planned for our first step into the world of app developers. On this day, you and everyone else can see what features the app contains or what you can do with it. Very few people did already know about that. Sometimes it was very hard for us not to tell anyone about the app, but we made it and this is over now.

When somebody was asking us what app we have on the App Store or what we are developing, we always told them that we’re designing our first app and it’s still a secret. Fortunately now we can tell such a person that we are developing an app called “Markers”. It’s not on the App Store yet, but it will be as soon as we submit our app to Apple and they approve it.

I don’t want to tell how we came to the idea of developing an app like Markers. That’s a long story and we want to share it with you later on. I can say that plans about Markers started on the very first day we registered our trade, february 18th 2010. Oh yes we know, that is quite a long time, especially in such a rapidly growing market like the technology industry.

Markers App IconBut let’s go on with Markers. Markers is an app for pupils, students, professors, scientists, journalists and so on. To put it all in a nutshell, Markers is for everyone who must sum up many texts very quickly. You can highlight the important passages of a text in different colors with only one slide of your finger and add some notes to this markings. Thanks to Readability, you can fully concentrate on your text because the app removes everything but the plain text of the website you opened. Well, Markers brings you even more. You can sum up all the markings with just one tap: List View opens and all your important text is displayed in a compact overview including all notes. If you want to know more go to this page. We hope that the app will hit the App Store very soon, so you can test it!

For now, thanks for your support and don’t forget to share our pages and posts to make our app and Splodge popular.

Tobias Schreier
Sebastian Biewer

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